To All the Home Projects I'll Never Finish

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Like most homeowners, my wife and I have a long list of projects that we’d love to make to our house someday.


And I’m not talking about refinishing our cabinets or doing some painting. I mean, we started by sanding, staining, and sealing all of the hardwood floors, so smaller projects like that don’t really get us going.

We’ve already knocked off a few items from our dream board: we’ve put up a six-foot privacy fence. We built an excellent patio and pergola combination to turn our backyard into a summertime oasis. Last Christmas, we built a full wall of built-in shelves for my record collection.


But every once in while, I’ll walk past the corner of the basement where we talked about putting a bathroom and wish I had the time or budget.

Or I’ll look over and see the sheet of drywall leaning against the stairs that we bought to rebuild the wall between the entertainment room and the laundry room. All we really need is a few two-by-fours for studs and a couple hours, but we’ve never taken the time to get off the couch and put them into place.


Some of the projects are a little more pie-in-the-sky though. We’ll probably never dig out our crawlspace to expand our basement. I’ll probably never build that hidden reading nook in the unfinished attic above our porch.

And as much as it hurts my heart, I don’t think my wife will ever let me build a walk-out balcony in our master suite (which is our already finished attic).


But despite however remote the chances of finishing these projects, it’s good to keep dreaming. It’s good to keep a journal filled with sketches and plans, even if they’ll never happen.

Because who knows? Maybe someday I will have that balcony. Or at least we might finally replace our countertops.

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